I believe that educators, and the powerful relationships they form with students and families, are the greatest strength of our educational system. Diverse talents and approaches within a staff are a strength, in my opinion, and trying to homogenize educators with top-down programs so that we can better control educational output is a mistake.

I provide resources, strategies, and coaching that focus on creating maximal impact on student achievement with minimal prep, budget, and stress for teachers and schools. More materials often don’t make us more effective. We do not have to read from a script, possess giant budgets, or work day and night to be highly effective. Below are some of the resources I provide.

Personalized Reading Proficiency Paths

I support schools to design and implement easy-to-manage personalized reading proficiency paths for each student in a school. These personalized paths provide individualized growth goals for students based on past progress, current level of performance, developmental timelines, and comparable age-level growth data.

Customized Book and Core Vocabulary Lists for Interactive Read-Alouds

I engage in exhaustive, ongoing research of culturally-relevant and high-interest texts to use as anchor texts for teaching key comprehension strategies. I also provide multi-grade core content vocabulary lists to pair with these texts and matched comprehension strategy instruction for the texts.

Literacy Curriculum Maps

I create PreK-8 literacy curriculum maps that integrate language, reading, and writing instruction and provide embedded rubrics and assessments. Core standards, recent literacy research, and extensive, ongoing field experience working with students and families facing mental health challenges and historically low academic achievement are the key ingredients to these plans. Plans can be purchased as-is or co-developed with teachers and staff to ensure they meet your school’s unique goals. In addition, all plans are responsive, meaning that I adjust and adapt content and pacing quarterly in order to ensure that the curriculum grows and changes to accommodate the needs of students and teachers.

Small Group Instructional Plans

I develop and adapt small group instructional plans based on best practices, your school’s data, teacher and student goals and feedback, and specific learning objectives. These plans can be based around specific standards or learning targets, reading levels, or skill strands, and can be general or provide time-bound progressions so that instructional impact can be assessed and adjustments made as necessary.

Professional Development Services

I provide professional development services to teacher teams and staff focused around using proven relationship and instructional strategies to increase student achievement. Because I am extensively experienced and not tied to a specific program or organization, I can be innovative about the tools I use, the combinations of strategies I share, and the guidance I provide. My instructional strategies and plans are specifically geared towards helping students who are performing below grade level and/or facing individual and systemic barriers to achievement make impactful progress. While I do offer several professional development series, particularly around trauma-informed care and shifting to a language-based approach to literacy instruction, I pride myself in making these offerings responsive and adapted to the unique needs of each educational community that I work with.

Personalized Coaching

I provide personalized coaching to teachers, leadership teams, and other staff members, either virtually or in-person, to develop, monitor, and modify the impact of targeted instruction for students without large workload and commitment increases for staff. The driving force behind all of the coaching I do is finding ways to accelerate student growth. I am not in the business of advancing specific practices, models, or branding, or personality traits, unless they lead to student growth and achievement that is measurable and observable.