Always stand up for what is right…even if you are standing ALONE.

Are you an educator or school leader who values students before systems? Do you believe that the way we educate our young people needs to change, and that we are the ones who will change it? Do you think systemic change happens one thoughtful decision at a time, and that amazing growth for students does not have to come with excessive accountability measures and high price tags? Welcome, Underdog…

Consider this…

The people we admire, the ones we wish to emulate, the individuals we write books about and want our history to teach about….

These are the ones who large systems condemn. They are too emotional. They are too intense. They are unbalanced. They don’t follow the plan. They don’t go along with the team. They put the people, the relationships, and the circumstances before the system.

These are the UNDERDOGS. And without them, where would we be?