Is your school or organizational staff working hard without improving student or client results?

Are you struggling with challenging student behaviors, budget cuts, and stagnant learner achievement numbers?

Do you need a partner who can provide wraparound, easy-to-implement support for your school or organization without all the red tape and compromises?

If you answered yes to the above questions, then you are an Underdog, and I want to work with you!

Lynsey, as the Owner and CEO of Underdog ESS, has helped me improve my whole group and small group instruction as well as classroom management. Lynsey comes in to model literacy and math small group instruction, as well as offer priceless advice for supporting behaviors and individual student needs in my classroom. This has helped me see how small group instruction should look and how I can help my students be independent so that I can have more small group instruction time.

Lynsey also has great reading and writing lesson plans that she made for each grade level at our school. Her lesson plans have pictures and visual examples of what the instructional posters should look like with our lessons. This makes teaching lessons easy and engaging for my kindergarteners.

Lynsey is always there to offer additional support and guidance for instruction. She has been a huge help to creating an efficient kindergarten classroom with effective literacy, writing, and math resources for whole group lessons, small group instruction, and literacy and math independent activities.

Erika, Kindergarten Teacher

I have had the pleasure of working with Lynsey, the Owner and CEO of Underdog ESS, for the past two years. In that time, she has gone to great lengths to support our teachers and students in a multitude of ways.

She has helped transform our curriculum, teaching strategies, and data collection to ensure
students are getting what they need. Her experience, knowledge and ability to identify
students’ individual needs is astounding. She understands that all classrooms and students are
not one-size-fits-all. She has the uncanny ability to identify lacking skills within minutes of
working with students and knows just how to differentiate instruction.

Lynsey is very quick to respond to questions or concerns, and does not make teachers feel inferior when responding.

One of the biggest impacts she has had on me is with small group instruction. She has taken
the time to model instructional strategies with my groups, observe my teaching, and provide

I have seen significant student growth as well as increased engagement since
working with Lynsey. She has been a huge asset to our school and I appreciate everything she
has done for us.

Andy, 5th Grade Teacher