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Let’s get back to our real why’s.

If you are anything like me, you didn’t begin a career in education because you wanted to control others’ thinking, spy and report on your colleagues, or read from a script. You became an educational professional because you wanted to change lives and impact the future in a positive way. For me, grounding in this purpose seems more important than ever right now.

Measures of Success

As I advance in my experience in education (and, to be honest, my age as a person), I find myself wanting to find ways to “cut the crap” and just get down to what matters most. As I reflect on how the field of education, and the world in general, has changed over the past… Continue reading Measures of Success

Thoughts on the Pandemic

The last year has been difficult for all of us, no question. But it is somewhat staggering to see how disproportionately difficult it has been for those living in poverty and people of color. In the middle class community that I live in, my own children have the privilege of attending school five days a… Continue reading Thoughts on the Pandemic

A Different Take on Fidelity

Fidelity is a hot topic across all educational arenas right now.  It is essential, according to educational leaders.  Without it, it seems that no strategy, program, or approach is guaranteed to be successful.  What we do should look the same, sound the same, and have the same results no matter what school or classroom we… Continue reading A Different Take on Fidelity

Some Thoughts on Experts

Right now in education, we are very focused on what the experts say, relying heavily on research-based programs that must be taught to fidelity for our instruction.  If it isn’t research-based, many would say that it isn’t valid.  But what about the action research we as educators do continually in our classrooms on a daily… Continue reading Some Thoughts on Experts

Compliance vs. Consistency

In education, and in many fields, we often talk about the importance of being consistent: in our instruction, our responses, our methodology, and our communication. In my opinion, consistency is very important. It provides structure, predictability, and clarity around expectations. Often times, however, I believe that we mistake consistency for compliance. It isn’t important only… Continue reading Compliance vs. Consistency


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