My Truths

As a proud educational Underdog, I believe in honestly expressing my values and intentions. These are the principles I live by.

  • Disruption and Differences are Essentials to Successful Organizations.  In education, it is our job to disrupt the status quo in order to create growth and change.  Learning, by its nature, is dynamic and uncomfortable.  People who have different ideas, backgrounds, or experiences are assets, not threats.
  • Achievement is Power.  Focusing only on growth does not address the opportunity gap.  Growth that bridges to achievement and access to higher-level classes and higher-paying jobs does. In addition, state tests, Advanced Placement Exams, College Entrance Exams, and other standardized forms of testing are power structures.  Those who successfully access them are less likely to end up living in poverty. 
  • Success Begins with Access.  We can increase the number of steps on the path to proficiency and the amount opportunities to practice new skills instead of watering skills down. In other words, we can change the path and adjust the timeline without compromising the destination. Success is achievable for every person, child or adult, but the road to it is unique for each person.
  • Challenges, Like Failures, become Strengths.  Adverse experiences and challenging circumstances can lead to educational gaps and struggles, but they can also pave the way for growth at a high rate.  Similarly, failing often because you are willing to take risks and try new things can lead to high levels of performance.
  • Relationships Transform.  When we connect as humans who have more similarities than differences, we can accomplish incredible goals.  We waste less time pushing forward our agendas and enacting judgement and opinions on one another and more time moving forward together.