Underdog ESS’s Owner and CEO, Lynsey Fleck, has supported schools to achieve significant increases in student growth and achievement, particularly in the area of literacy.

Minnesota Association of Charter Schools (MACS) 2021 Innovation Award Winner

Underdog ESS partnered with the Minnesota Excellence in Learning Academy (MELA) to significantly improve reading growth for students, even with the many instructional interruptions and social disruptions caused by COVID-19.

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20-30% Increases in Student English Language Arts (ELA) Achievement

Within three years of partnering with Underdog, all schools have experienced 20-30% increases in student achievement in ELA according to state assessments. This has happened both within and outside the context of COVID-19 mandatory quarantining and/or high rates of student mobility and teacher turnover.

Improved Teacher Effectiveness and Confidence

At Underdog ESS, I know that effective, knowledgable, confident, supported teachers are the cornerstone of any successful system. View the testimonials from teachers on the home page to learn more about how partnering with Underdog ESS can help build teacher capability, capacity, and confidence.