Erika, Kindergarten Teacher

Lynsey, as the Owner and CEO of Underdog ESS, has helped me improve my whole group and small group instruction as well as classroom management. Lynsey comes in to model literacy and math small group instruction, as well as offer priceless advice for supporting behaviors and individual student needs in my classroom. This has helped me see how small group instruction should look and how I can help my students be independent so that I can have more small group instruction time.

Lynsey also has great reading and writing lesson plans that she made for each grade level at our school. Her lesson plans have pictures and visual examples of what the instructional posters should look like with our lessons. This makes teaching lessons easy and engaging for my kindergarteners.

Lynsey is always there to offer additional support and guidance for instruction. She has been a huge help to creating an efficient kindergarten classroom with effective literacy, writing, and math resources for whole group lessons, small group instruction, and literacy and math independent activities.